Invitations for Artistic Gathering


When you register for the Artistic Gathering you will automatically receive an  invitation letter from ASSITEJ China. However, if you need an invitation before the registration opens, you can get one by sending an email to


The email should state 

·   Name

·   institution (if possible)

·   nationality. 

If you need it of for visa purposes it should also state 

·   passport number

·   date of birth.

The  invitation you will receive will be from ASSITEJ China. 

It is also possible to receive an additional  invitation from ASSITEJ International. In this case please ask for that in the email.

Once we have received your email it will take some days for us to send it to you – please be patient.


The  invitation letter will not state that ASSITEJ China nor ASSITEJ International will cover any of your expenses.