VærelZe313 is looking to widen its international network

VærelZe313 was founded in 2009 as the first of its kind in Denmark. They are a youth stage and cultural crew at the Danish regional theater, Syddjurs Egnsteater.

The crew consists of a group of young adults between the age of 14 and 25.
Their goal is to introduce and spread the general interest of culture among young people in Syddjurs municipality.
They arrange cultural events such as; plays, stand-up comedy, slam poetry, dance performances, cozy lounge evenings etc.
They are always on the lookout for new things to add to our program, one example could be the worlds largest children and youth theatre festival “Aprilfestival” which they attend every year.
They are not educated in event management and do not practice theatre themselves.
They would love to meet and establish networks with various groups around the world similar to their own.

They are looking forward to hearing from you, send them a mail at 313@syddjursegnsteater.dk
or send them a message on Facebook at VærelZe 313 (@Vaer313).