20 mil. DDK per year in additional support – expanding access to the performing arts in Denmark

The Danish Finance Act of 2021 includes an extension of the Danish reimbursement system to include high schools, private schools, kindergartens and nurseries. This extension is financed with 20 mil. Danish crowns per year (2.7 mil. Euros) for four years.

The Danish Teatercentrum – organizer of Aprilfestival – is part of the agreement and will be running a campaign to promote this new possibility to the above-mentioned institutions with the aim of expanding access to the performing arts for children and young people.

The reimbursement system

The Danish state-funded reimbursement system is a support to the dissemination of theatre and the performing arts for young audiences. The state reimburses 50% of the expense that an institution has when bying a touring performance.

Until 2021 the reimbursement system only included public schools and kindergartens. With the new finance act, high schools, private schools, private kindergartens and private nurseries will also be included in the system.

Photo: Teatercentrum / Ditte Valente