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Project Overview
The project is designed to build collective resilience across the network of cultural and creative organisations working in the Theatre & Performing Arts for Young Audiences (TYA) sector. The sector is highly active, not only in providing children and young people with creative and imaginative theatrical experiences for the sake of art and culture itself, but also delivering positive social impact to the next generation. After the deeply felt effects of COVID-19, this project is determined to ‘build back stronger’, creating a Network with sufficient resources and relationships that secures the future of the industry and the young people it serves. It focuses on the impact that the TYA sector has on the cross-cutting priorities of sustainability, diversity, access and inclusion, and representation. It seeks to galvanise the possibilities of broadening cultural contributions and of the dissemination of art for all. The project centres ASSITEJ International as the network catalyst for connection and involvement, for the collation of research and best practice, and for the increase of artistic voices. It focuses on permeable borders and it spotlights children and young people as cultural actors and contributors to the health and resilience of the arts community. Through live gatherings and a broad online reach, the Building Collective Resilience project will engage the dedication and expertise of a vibrant and highly engaged arts sector and its audience, one that is often forgotten in data and research, and yet one that is most vital to the times ahead. It will empower and connect younger generations through Theatre & the Performing Arts as we move towards a future full of possibility, humanity, and extraordinary art.

Project Coordination
The project is being co-ordinated by the Executive Committee of ASSITEJ International alongside a staff team consisting of Louis Valente (Secretary General & Projects Director), Chris Blois-Brooke (Knowledge & Network Director), and Roberto Frabetti (Finance Director). ASSITEJ International is the beneficiary of the European Union funding, working alongside the Small Size Network as an affiliated partner.

Co-funded by the European Union and the Danish Arts Foundation. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the Danish Arts Foundation. Neither the European Union nor the Danish Arts Foundation can be held responsible for them.