ASSITEJ Applause for Lifetime Achievement

New Award

This award recognizes those who have played a distinctive and inspiring role in the world of TYA – whether as artist, designer, producer, technician, administrator, teacher, facilitator, mentor – for their outstanding body of work over time, and for their profound and lasting contribution to theatre for young audiences in their country or region. This award recognises the long, prominent, and influential career of the person concerned, and his or her particular commitment to the development of theatre for young audiences.

Who can nominate?

Each full member of ASSITEJ (national centre or network) can put forward ONE individual for this award in any three year period.

Who can win the award?   

Up to three individuals can be given the ASSITEJ “Applause for Lifetime Achievement” during any given term. The award will not be given posthumously.

How is this different from ASSITEJ Honorary Members?

This award is distinct from ASSITEJ Honorary Membership, which is bestowed on persons who have made a significant and lasting contribution to the life of the organization, ASSITEJ, specifically, rather than to the field of theatre for children and young people more generally.

What is the nomination process?

Nominators should provide a Nomination Statement – a description of why they are nominating this individual and what their particular contribution has been (no more than 400 words in length), and a 150 word citation, summarising the statement.

A full biography of the nominee must also be provided.

A short video (no longer than 5 minutes/not professional) should be made to present the candidate and should contain testimonial support for the nomination from several people.

When must nominations be received?

Nominations must be made 6 months prior to the Congress start date: 10 November 2016 is the due date for nominations for this term.

Who selects the winner/s?

The Executive Committee of ASSITEJ for that three year term is responsible for selecting up to THREE recipients of this award for the period under review. All decisions of the Executive Committee are final.

What will Award winners receive?

This award does not carry a monetary value. Award winners will have their videos played during the Awards Ceremony, and will have special acknowledgement on the website of ASSITEJ. An article on the work of the Award winner will appear in the next ASSITEJ Magazine and where possible other means may be used to celebrate the work and achievement of the winner/s.