Members and the Executive Committee can propose amendments to the constitution of ASSITEJ. To be accepted the amendments require a two-thirds majority of the voting members at the General Assembly.

Amendments proposed by members:

Proposal submitted by ASSITEJ Argentina on behalf of the Iberoamerican network in ASSITEJ.

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Acceptation of new members

The Ibero American network proposes a change in the inclusion of new members for the three categories.

We propose that when a National Center, Individual Member or Professional network applies for the Membership, in case of being accepted by the EC they could have one year of “provisional membership” before being confirmed as a full member.

During that year they will have the rights of individual members but they will not pay any fee up to the moment they are confirmed after a year.

This will allow the new member to become in contact with ASSITEJ and participate actively and it will also allow ASSITEJ to evaluate the activity of this new member. In that way, will not be necessary to expel members who apply for membership that afterwards they do not concrete.

This issue was presented in the meeting between the EC and the Ibero American representatives in Montevideo 2019.

ASSITEJ Argentina,

On behalf of the Ibero American Network.

Amendments proposed by the Executive Committee:

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