The Magazine is the referential publication of ASSITEJ. Being released at the occasion of an annual meeting, either a Congress, or an Artistic Gathering, it is published in cooperation between ASSITEJ International, and the National Centre organising the event. The articles are published in English, as well as the original language of the authors.


Reflecting on 2022: Regenerating: Handle with care.


Reflecting on 2020: Diversity


Towards the unknown – Beginning the journey

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Towards the unknown – Confronting the present

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Towards the unknown – Imagining the future




One step beyond – Intercultural exchange


Designed to be issued at the occasion of the 19th congress of ASSITEJ, organized in Cape Town (South Africa), in the frame of the Festival “The cradle of creativity”, in May, the 2017 ASSITEJ magazine represents the third part and the conclusion of the cycle “One step beyond”. Entitled “Intercultural exchanges”, it explores, through 16 articles, different aspects of international collaborative projects for young audiences, mainly developed in the frame of ASSITEJ.



One step beyond: Interdisciplinary exchange

The 2016 ASSITEJ magazine was presented during the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering, which took place during the framework of the On The Edge Festival in Birmingham, UK in July. For this occasion the second theme of the cycle, “One Step Beyond Interdisciplinary Exchange”, was developed. The articles were published in English as well as the original language of the authors.


50th anniversary edition

One step beyond, intergenerational exchange

The 2015 magazine was published on the occasion of ASSITEJ’s 50th anniversary, which was celebrated in the month of April during the framework of the Augenblick mal! Festival. This is a special anniversary edition and includes two sections: one dedicated to the Jubilee and another to the development of the first theme for this cycle, “One Step Beyond – Intergenerational Exchange”. For the first time in the history of ASSITEJ publications, the articles were published in English as well as the original language of the authors.

2015’s Magazine has been published at the occasion of Augenblick mal! Festival in Berlin, in April, as the first issue of a new cycle : “One Step Beyond”.


Facing the audience

“Facing the audience” was released in Polish and English, in conjunction with the 18th ASSITEJ World Congress, in the frame of 2014’s Korczak Festival in Warsaw, and latterly translated in Russian. Contributions explore the relationship between the stage and the audience in many different ways, reflecting cultural and societal issues about children and their parents around the world.


Facing the artists

“Facing the artists”, was designed in Austria, at the occasion of the Shäxpir Festival of June, 2013, and published in English and, by way of exception, in French, to celebrate the come back of this country in ASSITEJ. It proposes a panel of articles, questioning about artistic practices in the field of theatre for young audiences, from the perspectives of playwrights, performers, cultural managers, and performers.


Facing Society


For the period 2012 – 2014, ASSITEJ proposed a 3 years cycle, focusing on “Facing society” (2012), “Facing the artists” (2013), and “Facing the audience” (2014). When the first issue of this round were published, at the occasion of Kijimuna Festival at Okinawa, Japan, the dramatic earthquake and the nuclear disaster of Fukushima had occurred only a few months before. Therefore, it is mainly devoted to how artists can react, and help the children to overcome. This reflection is linked with the Japanese concept of “Nushi gusui” : Medicine for life.


Building Bridges Crossing Borders