ASSITEJ General Assembly

Tokyo, Japan May 18 – 21, 2020


Omar Javier ALVAREZ – ATINA (ASSITEJ Argentina)

Born in Buenos Aires in 1968, Omar is dedicated to the art of puppetry since 1980.

Aiming to achieve the highest level of aesthetic standards, its shows have received the recognition of the public, colleagues, and critics, having been presented with more than thirty national and international awards, as ” Master Puppeteer National Javier Villafañe Award”, in 2015.

Representing the Argentinean culture on stages around the world, he has toured in more than 35 countries of Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa, performing its works in more than eighteen different languages for audiences from the most diverse cultures around the world; as well as the carrying out of research and professional development activities that have defined its innovative artistic profile

In 1997, he founded his own theatre, the CENTRO CULTURAL ESPACIOS, an Independent Institution located in the suburbs of BsAs. His theatre programs more than 200 profesional shows, annually , with an specific focus in young audiences development.

Founder member of ATINA/ASSITEJ Argentina Centre ,is Vice President of the organisation

Motivation of the candidate

“I run my own independent theatre since 1997 which gave me a large experience in the management, organization and execution of plans and projects in the short, medium and long term.
Also, as vice-President of ATINA/ASSITEJ Argentina, and member of the Board since 2003, I have been involved in each and every programs and projects such as the TYA Critics and Researchers International Forum (6th. Edition), Schoolyard Stories (3rd. edition) Festivals, Playwriting contest and ”Regional Workshops” as well as “ATINA Annual Awards”, among others.

Also, I have many years of experience in the management and executive production of national and international Festivals.
Over the years I have been part of diverse associations and organizations of representative groups, in wich I have developed skill in tasks of collaboration and collective construction, from an horizontal and democratic way sense.”

Profile of the candidate

Since 2005, ATINA / ASSITEJ ARGENTINA has worked in the EC in the organization of international projects that involve and benefit artists, institutions and centers of countries from different regions of the world, while playing an active role in the armed and strengthening of the ASSITEJ Ibero-American Network, accompanying the creation and consolidation of new national centers in our continent.
To give continuity to the task carried out up to the moment, the intention is to commit myself in the deepening and projection to more countries and regions around the world.
Further what has been done it will be important the creation of a Regional Circuit of Circulation and Exchange of Festivals and Programmers in Latin America to make possible the circulation and exchange of artists and theater productions of other regions, and from/to the world, making it possible, convenient, accessible and enriching for each of the involved parts.
In addition, I am interested in exploring the development of more inclusive options for the active participation of members (especially from peripherical countries) in areas of exchange and professional training (workshops, forums, etc) through the use of vi

Uyanga AYURZANA – ASSITEJ Mongolia

“I, Uyanga Ayurzana, a Mongolian, have a bachelor degree of Industrial Engineering from Purdue University and a master degree in Entrepreneurship in USA.

I started my career at Disneyland in California, USA as an industrial engineer before returning to my home country Mongolia. I had worked in construction company for 4 years starting as an operation auditor, moved to HR and promoted to a project leader of building a Mongolian first ever automated precast plant and CEO of the plant later.

In 2016 after the birth of second child my interest had shifted to parenting and early childhood education and to be a social entrepreneur. After some research I had established my own NGO, Creative Bamboo, a creativity and development center for kids of ages 0-10 in 2017. The foundation of the center is Bamboo theatre, the first ever audience-interactive theatre for the youngest audiences in Mongolia. In the last two years we have produced 4 own original plays; and 2 plays for babies are adapted and produced by Russian theatre.

We aim to be a second home for families with young kids where they can develop their imagination, curiosity, empathy through our Bamboo theatre and our developed programs.”

Motivation of the candidate

“One of the reasons is simply because I am passionate about theatre and arts even though I didn’t pursue a degree on it. I realized later that all my experiences in theatre & arts from my young age (played in theatre works at schools, in productions & movie) helped me to shape who I am today – being more emotionally intelligent – meaning more self-confident, self-aware &empathetic.

I believe that easy access to theatre is must for everyone, but it can have a greater impact and much value when it can be introduced to kids early. This is my second reason applying for a member of EC ASSITEJ so that I can be a part of a community where the mission is to advocate and bring an easy and constant access of theatre to every child regardless of their background and beliefs; ensure sustainable development of theatre for children by uniting theatres and organizations throughout the world; creating new practices&opportunities on behalf of all children.

Since many Asian countries have a little history/less experience doing modern performing arts for young children compared to some developed countries in Europe, I can be part of a team that can change it & be a voice on advocating&uniting many Asian countries to ASSITEJ”

Profile of the candidate

The skills that I can bring to EC work:
1. Communication skills
2. Planning and executing projects in each given timeframe
3. Be an active team member by sharing own perspectives on any given topics
4. Be responsible on meeting deadlines and results
5. To read, select and edit articles for publication
6. To plan and oversee the look and lay-out of the publication with the selected designer
7. Project management skills from my previous work experiences
8. Administrative skills
9. I really like the idea of having an virtual academy of ASSITEJ which will help to so many artists, individuals and organizations in the field of TYA who cannot attend/afford international festivals and events, and/or who have language barriers but who are eager to learn and do, therefore I would be interested to be involved in this project as any means necessary.

Jan BAANSTRA – ASSITEJ Netherlands

Jan Baanstra (39) is managing director of dance company de Stilte (2008) and founder and manager of BRIK Festival in Breda (2011), the Netherlands.
de Stilte is a company in the Southern part of the Netherlands, that focuses producing and performing for children. De Stilte presents 200 shows in theatres all around the globe, 450 duets and 1,300 workshops every year for 75,000 spectators.

BRIK festival was founded in 2011. While touring internationally de Stilte came across beautiful shows that were never seen in the Netherlands. This brought the company to the idea to organize a festival: introducing new artistic works to children. In 2019 BRIK was attended by 21,000 spectators presenting 15 international companies, 7 national companies, 60 performances in venues and outdoor, a professional program, a talent development program, workshops and an international exchange program.
In last decade Jan Baanstra has established a national touring network – Klasse Theater Uitjes. He has created BRABANT MENU with partners in the region: 25,000 pupils from 125 schools watch a show every year.

Performing arts is part of the education. /

Motivation of the candidate

“Changing the world with performing arts, that’s the main motivation to contribute to the quality and development of children’s theatre all around the globe. That’s the reason to apply for the EC of ASSITEJ International.

It’s my strong believe that exchange and collaboration are the ingredients to make theatre accessible for every child, regardless its background.

In the world of arts there is no selling and buying. The only thing there is, is the content of a show and the child as a spectator. With these two ingredients we can encourage children to tell their own story, the boundless story of the imagination. By becoming part of the story, by experiencing it and using your imagination, your world becomes larger and more familiar. With art we create the citizen of the future. Every child looks differently at a show and every director or choreographer is producing an unique art work. This happens within the context of its society. To exchange and learn from each other by using art that’s produced in another context then your own familiar one enriches the way of thinking and gives an impulse to creativity.

Profile of the candidate

I am persistent. I am a fundraiser. I am experienced in financial management and writing proposals. I have knowledge on the international field and its cultural policies. I am experienced in making coproductions, collaborations and network works.

Tatiana BOBROVA – ASSITEJ Russia

Tatiana Bobriva is a chief coordinator of International Theatre Kingfestival; manager of Novgorod theatre for children and youth “Mali” (Velikiy Novgorod, Russia). Composer, working in Russia and abroad. Journalist, focusing on culture and theatre; from 2015 she is a Vice President of ASSITEJ Russia, from 2017 – EC member of ASSITEJ International.

Graduated from Faculty of Journalism in Saint-Petersburg University. Member of the Theatre Union of Russia. From 2017 as EC member of ASSITEJ worked in Publications and Promotion group and group of editors ASSITEJ magazines, she has also been appointed to many workshops and artistic encounters. Organizer and programmer of International Theatre Kingfestival, devoted to drama, puppetry and dance for young audience from Russia, Europe and Asia.

From 2007 she created International laboratory “Young critics is a future of theatre” for young theatre researchers; as producer she programed projects “French Focus” , “Swiss Step”, “Danish Focus” ets. From 2017 she initiated project “Theatre Volunteers” as program for young students. She is active and energetic member of ASSITEJ projects, participant of festivals and workshops in Russia and abroad.

Motivation of the candidate

“I would like to be involved in next EC of ASSITEJ International as a candidate representing ASSITEJ Russia, and would like to hope that new term became an important step for me personally and benefit for organization. ASSITEJ need to change every time, because our public is energetic young audience who need to experience a wide range of high-quality theatre, to find strong and actual themes on stage and every 3 years new team need to hear and to feel this challenge of modernity. I would like to promote ASSITEJ and TYA today when the value of live theatre art needs to compete with contemporary digital epoch. It is important for me to become a part of such a team for ASSITEJ and to help with all my skills build the future of the theater for the young together with good team of professionals to working for creation a better world.”

Profile of the candidate

I think one of my main soft skills would be: facilitating. I like to be the liaison between people, to make people meet and eventually plan projects together whatever their differences are. Since the co-foundation of Assitej Belgium in 2015, I see myself as a “broker of ideas”.
I am also a very curious person: I am always eager to learn, and to understand about the way things go in other countries. It gives me ideas that I can pass forward to others. Open-mindedness is one of the key to success.
As an expert for the EU cultural Agency in charge of the Creative Europe programme (EACEA) for the past 5 years, I have learnt to evaluate large scale cultural projects, to write reports, and to monitor also other experts. I have also acquired a certain knowledge of EU cultural policy.
In my daily work, as a manager of a structurally funded TYA company in Brussels (La Casquette), I have experience in coaching artists and other art professionals with their strategic plans and artistic approach.
I am convinced that all the above mentioned skills and experiences will be very useful for Assitej.

Yannick BOUDEAU – ASSITEJ Belgium

“General Manager and Creative Producer of Compagnie de la Casquette – Theatre for young audience – Brussels, (BE – French-speaking community – since 2007). My main tasks are to produce and bring on tour the productions of the company, while coordinating the overall activities and budget of the company. With the company, we have also developed several partnerships – from local schools to a company/cultural center based in Senegal.

Co-founder and board member of Assitej Belgium (since 2015), President of the board since 2017. In a country divided in three linguistic communities, Assitej Belgium has contributed to tighten bonds between those communities; even though we still have a long way to go, bridges are being built. I am really proud of the work we have done so far.

Member of ASSITEJ International Fundraising group since January 2018, I have participated in many sessions regarding the potentiality of funding for Assitej International.

External expert, lead and quality check expert for EACEA (Creative Europe Programme) : evaluating applications, coaching and supervising experts (since 2015).

Previously: administrator of the technical department THEATRE DU ROND-POINT (Paris 2002-2007), Production and Administrative Coordinator PENICHE OPERA – Paris 2002, and Production Coordinator (Foreign Productions 1998-2001) – WARSAW NATIONAL THEATRE.”

Motivation of the candidate

My motivation to volunteer as a member of the EC is based on five pillars:
1. To advocate, develop and promote the work of artists and practitioners in the field of TYA. I do believe there remain possibilities to enhance the visibility of the sector, on local, national and international levels. TYA must be taken seriously, as it is a way of fostering children’s ability to emancipate.
2. To continue the support and implementation of actions that have been relevant for the past years, endorsing collaborations, encouraging solidarity among Assitej members: artistic exchanges, trainings, etc.
3. To reinforce the sustainability of the association, by continuing to search for additional financial resources.
4. To cultivate and share our cultural and linguistic differences. Diversity in a global world is a strength.
5. To look for ways of building bridges between other artistic disciplines, such as circus, street arts, visual arts etc.

Profile of the candidate

I think one of my main soft skills would be: facilitating. I like to be the liaison between people, to make people meet and eventually plan projects together whatever their differences are. Since the co-foundation of Assitej Belgium in 2015, I see myself as a “broker of ideas”.
I am also a very curious person: I am always eager to learn, and to understand about the way things go in other countries. It gives me ideas that I can pass forward to others. Open-mindedness is one of the key to success.
As an expert for the EU cultural Agency in charge of the Creative Europe programme (EACEA) for the past 5 years, I have learnt to evaluate large scale cultural projects, to write reports, and to monitor also other experts. I have also acquired a certain knowledge of EU cultural policy.
In my daily work, as a manager of a structurally funded TYA company in Brussels (La Casquette), I have experience in coaching artists and other art professionals with their strategic plans and artistic approach.
I am convinced that all the above mentioned skills and experiences will be very useful for ASSITEJ.

Lynne CARDY – PAYPA New Zealand

Lynne is an Auckland based theatre-maker, teaching artist, director and creative producer with 30+ years’ experience. Believing in the transforming power of the Arts for social change, Lynne’s work supports children, young people, emerging artists and folk of all ages to tell their own stories.

She is the Associate Director at Auckland Theatre Company (ATC), helming the education, youth arts and outreach programming, and creative collaborations. Highlights include 11 youth theatre festivals resulting in 31 new works, MYTHMAKERS – primary school touring works seen by 40,000+ children, and STORYWORLDS – immersive theatre in the classroom.

Previously, Lynne was a co-director of award-winning Pandemonium Theatre, a full-time lecturer and a freelancer.

In the UK she worked in participatory arts with; Welfare State International, Emergency Exit Arts, B-Arts and Walk the Plank in village halls, museums, schools and on the streets for events including Glastonbury Festival, WOMAD and Glasgow City of Culture.

Member of PAYPA – Performing Arts and Young People Aotearoa, Artistic Advisory Board – Capital E, Wellington, and peer assessor for Creative New Zealand.

Training: Lincoln Cente

Motivation of the candidate

Kia ora! I am wahine Pākehā, from Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland) and I am always heartened by the powerful connections we make through theatre, and how we weave those connections – sometimes intricately, sometimes loosely – to make things happen; to create and sustain friendships, and partnerships, to spark ideas and confront issues and to make space for voices to be heard.

In my work I am a weaver and a matchmaker connecting emerging artists with seasoned practitioners, children (tamariki) with first theatre experiences, and young people (rangatahi) with ways of telling their own stories.

We are a little country on the upside down of the world, where there is a thriving and dynamic theatre sector and many wonderful practitioners, but few companies devoted to making work with, by and for our tamariki and rangatahi. This is because current funding does not support sustainability in this sector. I would like to advocate to change this through international exchange, solidarity, cooperation and profile via ASSITEJ.

I can see no better way to grow these kinds of connections fruitfully than being involved in the ASSITEJ executive committee. I believe the Pacific is currently underrepres

Profile of the candidate

I am an experienced teaching-artist, director and creative producer.
For the Projects Working Group I would bring the specific skills of producing and delivering a range of outreach and creative learning projects, including workshops, forums, staff training, teaching artist training and actor training.
As a producer I can offer skills in tailoring script development processes, devised work processes, commissioning writers and filmmakers, and in artist development, including casting and auditions.

I currently manage a full-time team of one coordinator and a large pool of freelance contractors, so I have experience in recruitment and management, contracts and budgets.

I have many years’ experience in community outreach, and processes to make projects accessible, and to encourage participation and registration.

I understand the production processes for putting together a single play or a festival of works.

Cristina CAZZOLA – ASSITEJ Italy

Cristina Cazzola is a cultural producer with experience in theatre for young audiences, audience development and engagement methodologies, strategic networking, mentoring and fund raising for public institutions, private foundations, enterprises to foster internationalization and cooperation processes.

From 2006 she is founder and artistic director of Mantua’s Segni d’infanzia festival (SEGNI New Generations Festival), around 300 meetings for over 30,000 spectators, from 18 months up to 18 years old, artists and delegates from all over the world.
She has been Assitej Italia Vice for 6 years and created the Chain reaction project to improve the internationalization of artists and the skills of producers in TYA.

In 2012 she founded and heads as project manager the teenager’s engagement methodology T.E.E.N., financed twice by the Creative Europe program
From 2018 she runs, a social enterprise born with the aim of promoting and supporting the internationalization of the performing arts sector

As dramaturg and director, she has created over 15 shows in 20 years.

Motivation of the candidate

“I can say that, at present, I am aware of the skills I have developed, and have created the conditions that make me able, for the following 3 years, to serve the common good in a wider vision. In the past 20 years I have been fighting daily, defending the value of theatre for young audiences from the “B level” label with activities thought to enlighten the quality of the sector.

Theatre and performing arts in general should remain the field of a pregnant relation between art, didactic and ethical. I believe a good show for young audiences should nourish, communicate emotions and stimulate creativity both in adults and children. I believe theatre for new generations, like poetry, have the capacity of expressing a lot with less; that arts give the chance to acquire skills and instruments – not necessarily didactic- but empowering us to read the reality and help us to positively change society. I believe with our work we can contribute to making the world a better place for fragilities and differences and a place where youth is more respected.

I would love to put this vision to the service of Assitej International mission facing that daily challenge on a global level.”

Profile of the candidate

“Six years spent as Vice president in Assitej Italia can ensure my capacity to follow agreed policies and protocols. The experience in international cooperation and networking made me aware of the importance of working with high ethical standards, in a spirit of generosity, “opening doors” and sharing. I have experienced the challenges and negotiations that are needed to be faced in that approach and always being able to make appropriate decisions, even if sometime a step back is needed for the common good.

I am used to travelling as Segni director, about 45 days per year visiting international festivals, so I can support my EC participation according to founding and working time.

I am willing to share my fund-raising competences, together with the Secretariat, never forgetting the values but exploring capacities and possibilities.

I am used to online cooperation, ready to share my Arts management experience, writing and communication skills and also to learn more and disseminate.
I am in a learning process of sociocracy and non-hierarchical processes and I will be happy also to experiment new models of governance, always respecting the general assembly’s decisions.


“I trained as a musician in Scotland, UK. Upon returning to Wales, I transitioned into theatre. I have always focused on inclusion and creating opportunities for those who benefit from creative experiences but do not have the opportunity.

I am Head of Participation for Wales-based Hijinx Theatre; developing opportunities for learning disabled and neurodivergent young people as audiences and performers. This includes the award-winning programme for Hijinx actors role playing medical school exams and developing a collaboration of a new piece for young audiences with professional learning-disabled performers.

Since 2016, I have worked with organisations in Lesotho (Africa) and a group of learning-disabled performers from Wales to explore the aspirations of disabled (and non-disabled) children and young people, and challenging societies views of them. This project contributed heavily to winning International Award from The Stage, UK.

For Music Theatre Wales, I am consulting with young Welsh audiences. Engaging as audiences and participative practice, young people are challenging the work that is created for them and will deliver recommendations for the companies future work.”

Motivation on the candidate

“In 2017, I was Next Generation for the South African World Congress. I thrived on forging new friendships, partnerships and collaborations. Two months later, I was co-opted onto the ASSITEJ UK board.

In 2018, I joined the steering group for IIAN. In 2019, became International Representative for ASSITEJ UK and Chair of IIAN. I am excited for the next phase of IIAN’s development; our new IIAN Champions programme and launching our membership.

The ASSITEJ Constitution states children and young people must be allowed a cultural identity, be visible in society and have a right to enjoy arts/cultural activities. ASSITEJ has made me increasingly politicised and recognise the need for united, global working.

I will further imbed inclusion and access as ASSITEJ continues to grow.
I will continue to develop collaborative working and learning of all members & networks.

The 4 corners of the UK push the expectation of inclusive & accessible theatre. We recognise these as creative tools; not barriers. Continuing this success relies on global partnerships.

The UK has its arms open, and is firmly dedicated to our sisters, brothers and partners around the world.”

Profile of the candidate

Project Working Groups.

In terms of Project Management, I co-manage a team of over 50 practitioners pan Wales. Across a number of creative and participative projects, I work collaboratively to ensure the continued development of all programmes.
On-going research, consultation and evaluation is key to successfully delivering on a body of work.

Facilitation is one of my strongest skills. Creating a space for people to connect and develop is exciting, and a deep-rooted passion. Ensuring these spaces are inclusive, open and accessible to all should always be an aim, and I would relish supporting ASSITEJ’s ambition to achieve this.

Developing workshop encounters, Open Spaces, Forums, Fishbowl discussions, and online sharing experiences is particularly interesting. I benefit greatly from these experiences and appreciate the importance of delivering a solid and appealing programme. There is a wealth of expertise in ASSIEJ, and offering a forum for all voices from around the world is paramount to supporting continued development.

Collaborative working with other skilled and passionate individuals on the EC would spur on my learning and passion for ASSITEJ.

Sue GILES – ASSITEJ Australia / Theatre Network Australia

Sue Giles has worked for Theatre for Young Audiences for over 35 years. She has been Artistic Director of Polyglot Theatre since the year 2000.

Polyglot has an international reputation for contemporary theatre works that engage with children to create experiences that combine theatre, play and visual spectacle. Sue’s distinct child-centred creative processes have been the subject of masterclasses, forums and discussions including key industry events in in 8 countries. Her works have been performed in 15 countries on five continents in five different languages. Sue has been an advocate and leader in the TYA sector since 2003, is currently a board member of Theatre Network Australia as ASSITEJ Representative. She was elected onto the Executive Committee of ASSSITEJ International at the 18th World Congress in Warsaw in 2014.

Sue is currently one of the Vice Presidents of ASSITEJ International. In 2018 she received the Green Room Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2018 Sue authored Platform Paper 54 – Young People and the Arts: An Agenda for Change. In 2019 Sue was awarded an AM (Member of the Order of Australia) for significant service as an Artistic Director and to children’s theatre.

Motivation of the candidate

“I have served for 6 years as an Executive Committee member of ASSITEJ International and hope to stand for election as President of the global Association in May 2020. This is a step I do not take lightly, knowing from within the demands of the position and the responsibilities I would need to assume. I know deeply the integrity of the community the Association represents and how our connection across the globe has shifted perceptions and supported those who are deeply invested in the rights of children everywhere to enjoy and experience theatre.

Theatre is a linking mechanism like no other – a powerful, living, emotional, sensory experience that brings people together in ways that transcend words. In a world that is fraught by tribalism and division ASSITEJ stands for those who believe deeply in the power of theatre to transform and delight, to ignite and inspire, and provide myriad ways for children to engage with the act of living together in the same world: the act of it – not the dream.

I hold the values of ASSITEJ highly and see in these the path to more openness, more connection and more equity.

Profile of the candidate

I have been working with the Executive Committee since 2014 as part of the Policies, Protocols and Fundraising group; in the first term alongside Yvette Hardie and Roberto Frabetti and in the second term, with the addition of Louis Valente and Bebe De Soares. This work has given me a strong insight into the workings of the Association and its constitution. I have found this fascinating and absorbing work and feel I’ve had the best background to nominating for President, inspired as I have been by Yvette and knowing she will remain a friend and mentor if I’m elected. I’m a good communicator and believe in strong team building and collaborative leadership. I have experience in chairing a board and am looking forward to the role this position demands. I am also deeply aware of the qualities and skills of the Executive Committee and the members’ role in advocacy and representation and know this is a direction to be explored further.

Julia Dina HESSE – ASSITEJ Germany

“Julia Dina Hesse (*1981), dramaturg, director and scholar in TYA based in Germany (Wiesbaden) studied German philology, philosophy and communication & cultural management in Germany and France.
From 2008 to 2012 she worked as a dramaturg for TYA and Young Opera at National Theatre Mannheim and was in charge of Marketing and Public Relations. From 2012 to 2018 she was the Artistic Director of the Young Theatre Muenster where she among others directed two plays for toddlers, both invited to international festivals (Austria, France, India, Sri Lanka, Senegal). In 2018 she was dramaturg for a production in Okinawa at the international theatre festival ricca ricca festa.

At present Julia Hesse works internationally as a freelance dramaturg and director in TYA. She holds workshops for children, teenager and adults and has published articles and papers in TYA related books and magazines. Since 2014 she is a lecturer at the theatre department of the University of Muenster. She recently received a post graduate scholarship and is researching about theatre and transformation processes.
She has been on the board of ASSITEJ Germany since 2015, now serving as its vice president.”

Motivation of the candidate

“I believe in the importance of TYA and its global activities to support and strengthen every young person’s right to culture, arts and education no matter where they are born. Both, young audiences and their artists, need a strong and efficient network that gives them a voice and clearly articulates their needs and interests.
Having been a member in several professional networks, festival and award juries as well as political committees, I quickly familiarize myself with new topics and I am used to productive working structures and collective decision making and I love to brainstorm “outside the box”.
I believe in the power of (fair) cooperation instead of competition. Our audiences and our art profit most when theatre makers from all continents and places – mega cities to villages – and various artistic languages exchange and learn from each other. The EC can help find the common ground in all our individual tasks and struggles in order to develop strategies for shared artistic endeavors and cultural policies. I would love to be part of this empowering network and to contribute to a sustainable future for TYA as a change agent in transformational processes all over the world.”

Profile of the candidate

I have worked in intercultural projects and easily adapt to new groups. My theatre work is interdisciplinary with a focus on music theatre and theatre for the youngest. Not only crossing lines of language, music and dance are important to me but also cooperations with non-theatre institutions like museums, universities and other not art related partners. I would like e.g. to work with and develop the Regional Workshops and create sustainable, process-orientated activities that bring together experts from different fields and backgrounds that inspire and empower each other.
I am:
– very well connected in the Western European TYA network and happy to introduce my contacts to each other
– interested to share the state of the art of Germany’s TYA and bring the impulses from outside to Germany
– very good in communication both in writing and in person and experienced in arts management and fundraising as well as in designing and managing communication campaigns. I can stir enthusiasm in audiences, convince decision makers and sponsors and motivate teams to achieve common goals, both in the arts and in cultural policy making
– a skilled presenter and a very experienced dramaturg

Shoaib IQBAL – ASSITEJ Pakistan

“Shoaib Iqbal is an arts manager who has worked as curator, director and arts educator of arts projects since 2000. He founded The Little Art, a non-profit arts education organization that uses art to promote positive social values through innovative learning opportunities among children and young adults, especially marginalised. Shoaib also serves as President ASSITEJ Pakistan and has been instrumental in delivering center’s success of setting up bi-annual Tamasha Festival For Young Audiences and hosting annual International Next Generation. Tamasha engages nearly 15,000 audiences in each audition.

Shoaib post-graduated from DeVos Institute of Arts Management (Kennedy Centre, Washington D.C.), 2013 Asia21 fellow with Asia Society, an Acumen 2015 fellow, 2015 ArtThink Southasia fellow and 2020 ISPA fellow International Society of Performing Arts. Shoaib also worked with Sharjah Government as consultant for 5 years and with British Council as Head of Arts, Pakistan in 2016-18.

Shoaib travels very frequently to various festivals and exchange program. He is also setting up two international performing arts projects for children and youth in New Zealand and Qatar.”

Motivation of the candidate

“I am a Southasian and a global citizen by heart. My association with ASSITEJ is a decade old when I was in Kennedy Center and was engaged in its events there. I returned to Pakistan and The Little Art became an individual member till we established ASSITEJ Pakistan as national center.

In the past 4 years, we established ASSITEJ Pakistan with a spirit of volunteerism, where members come to contribute to the platform, co-produce projects & workshops and develop international linkages for exposure and support. We set up Tamasha Festival that has large audience now, bring together theater makers from nearly 10 countries through Next Generation, and promote international exchange as recently ASSITEJ Pakistan and ASSITEJ Sweden collaborated for a project.

I want to represent Southasia in ASSITEJ EC, that will strengthen the work done in the region, and will build on the assets of my ideas and dedication that I present. TLA provides a perfect secretariat with a full time team of 14 people to further the cause of the network. I will be able to expand ASSITEJ International through my global exposure, arts management skills & authentic interest of working for children and young people.

Profile of the candidate

I have been working in various management level positions in the past with organizations like British Council and international projects such as arts management consultant with Government of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. I founded The Little Art from scratch, an organization that hosts now some of the Pakistan’s largest festivals, art events and exhibitions in various art forms. The following skills helps me to understand job as EC, and deliver it with full understanding and commitment;

– Experience of managing multiple projects in various countries
– Ability to understand project and ideas from arts management perspective
– Understand the importance of collaborations and networking, and how to make fruitful and long lasting connections
– Ability to support networks where communication plays a vital role
– Developing new projects, and support ideas from various backgrounds and cultures
– Celebrate diversity and understand cultural contexts
– Ability to develop project proposals, understand scope of work and deliver successful projects
– Maintain an open communication with partners & donors
– Be resilient in situations where projects & ideas might not work initially

Seok-hong KIM – ASSITEJ Korea

Seok-hong Kim has been passionate about the performing arts for his entire adult life, both as an arts manager and an administrator. During this time Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) has also been an important part of his career, as he has had a deep relationship with ASSITEJ Korea, working as a board member for over a decade.

He is currently working for the Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS), while still staying active in ASSITEJ Korea as a board member for international exchanges. KAMS is a government agency which puts great focus on the sustainability of arts companies in this harsh market arena. KAMS has been organizing PAMS, the Performing Arts Market in Seoul, for about 15 years. It has become one of the most dynamic and creative arts markets in the world.

Before joining KAMS he was in charge of programming for several years at a local arts centre in Seoul, Korea. He also worked as a production manager at the KNUA, the National Conservatoire School for Drama, where he focused on linking students with professional artists in their productions.

He studied theatre and arts administation at university.

Motivation of the candidate

I am excited to stand for a second term as a member of the Executive Committee (EC) of ASSITEJ International. Thinking back, I was hugely privileged to be elected as a member of the EC three years ago in Cape Town. For the past three years I have been working specifically in the Publication and Promotion group within the EC. It has been an invaluable time of professional development for me to work there. It has been a learning process and now I feel it is time to contribute more actively to this wonderful organization.

I fully understand what my missions are in ASSITEJ. There are two missions in general. The first is as a professional I should put my abilities into actual ASSITEJ projects and business so as to make the organization more concrete. The second is that I feel I should do more to expand and deepen the relationships among the Asian TYA communities. Asia is so large and diverse that there are many people, communities and countries which are so active by themselves or have many potential resources for TYA, but we haven’t actually got to know them yet. I will do my best to discover and connect with them, and get them to join us if I am chosen again.

Profile of the candidate

– Cultural policy knowledge and experience
– Arts management knowledge and experience
– Funder and funding knowledge and experience (but not international experience)
– Editing skills
– Marketing and PR skills
– Project management skills
– Administrative skills
– Communication skills (especially listening to others)


Cecilie G. Lundsholt’s experience with performing arts for a young audience is extensive and varied, from her work as an artistic director, actor and pedagogue, to her commitment to ASSITEJ Norway and international projects.

Lundsholt has contributed to the EC over the last term, and is very motivated to sit one more term. She believes that working with TYA through out the world builds bridges in a political climate where a lot of states are more concerned with building walls and promotes democracy, tolerance and understanding

As an actor, Lundsholt has participated in more than 35 productions, with a specialization in theatre for a young audience. She has toured extensively with the Cultural Rucksack, and has performed at several festivals both in Norway and internationally. Lundsholt has an education in acting from Rose Bruford College and Västanå Teater in Sweden. Since 2015, Lundsholt has worked as the artistic director of Teatret Vårt, and her work has been said to revolutionize TYA in Norway. In her company Erler, she makes interactive, site specific and immersive productions that tour both in Norway and internationally. In 2021 she will start as the artistic director for Teater Vestland, a regional theatre on the west coast of Norway.

Motivation of the candidate

“I was elected to be part of EC in 2017, and have served one term as a board member. I have been working on the project group, facilitating Regional Workshops and working on the artistic encounters in Beijing, Kristiansand and Tokyo.

I am very motivated to sit one more term. Being part of the EC has opened my horizon as to what theatre for a young audience is in the world today, and it is a great honour to be allowed to work for a cause so important and bigger than all of us. I believe that working with TYA through out the world builds bridges in a political climate where a lot of states are more concerned with building walls and promotes democracy, tolerance and understanding.

We live in a world where news – fake or real – travels too fast. It is easier to scream at or to ignore each other than to really listen. I think meeting through art makes the world more open to listening to each other. Together we are able to take the best practices from all over the world and to learn from each other. Very little inspires me more. I hope I will get the possibility to serve one more term.”

Profile of the candidate

I think some of my most important skills is the experience I have gained over the last three years as part of the project group in EC. If elected, I would like to continue working in the project group. Here I have been planning workshop, encounters, open spaces, forums and discussions. I am very interested in language and translation and how we communicate inside such a big association as Assitej, and I think this focus is very valuable in the work I have done for the organization over the last three years. I have worked a lot on the regional workshops and placements and have started to work on the Assitej virtual academy which is very exiting. I have a big international network for identification of persons with skills needed for regional workshops. Finding online mechanisms for sharing knowledge, practices and processes, including webinars, live streaming, facilitated online workshops. I am a dramaturge and playwright and have good dramaturgical skills. The last years I have worked as the artistic director for a big regional theatre in Norway, and have good project management skills, facilitation, communication skills and administrative skills.

Barbara MALECKA – Small Size Network

Theatrologist, producer, set designer. Graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań with degree in Theatrical Studies. Barbara is the co-founder and board member of Art Fraction Foundation. She is the artistic director of two festivals: International Festival of Arts for Early Years “Sztuka Szuka Malucha” & KONTEKSTY festival for all audiences.

In 2014-2018 she coordinated polish part of an international project “Small Size, Performing Arts for Early Years” and since 2019 – “Mapping. A map on the aesthetics of performing arts for early years” both organised in the frame of Creative Europe programme. Since 2009 she has been collaborating with Children’s Art Centre in Poznań.

In 2011-2016 she co-created programme of the „Biennial of Arts for Children”. In 2016-2019 she was a member of the Board of Directors of Small Size Network. Barbara is an author of scenography for shows i.s.: „brzUCHO”, “Jungle”, „NIEBOskłon”, „blisko/close” (Poland), „KUUKI” (Japan), „Den lille store reisen” & “RIVERSO” (Norway).

Since 2016 she is working for Teatr Animacji w Poznaniu (Animation Theatre in Poznań).

Motivation of the candidate

“I believe that being a member of EC gives you a voice that can be heard, so I would like to use that voice to speak for those smallest ones, who can’t speak on their own yet.

I want to talk about responsibility, sustainability and quality. I would like to serve for more & more visibility & accessibility of performing arts for early years based on the deep research provided by ASSITEJ Networks and focused on the healing capacity hidden inside of TYA. In the world that has an unsure future we have to put a lot of effort into bringing up kind, self & earth conscious people and theatre is a perfect place to start the discussion about the future – today.

I have been working in the field of performing arts for children for over 10 years now and I believe that international collaboration is a key to real development on many levels – from small scale events that touch the audience directly to wider perspective of international and global concept that brings people together.

I believe that we all have a mission to do and sharing is the only way to grow. We have to think not only for the present but even more importantly for the future of the children and the planet.”

Profile of the candidate

I truly believe in one of the main objectives of Small Size Network saying that small children are the “spectators of today and not only of tomorrow” but as the future starts today, to really talk about it we have to focus on the fact that whatever we do now has a future consequences. Art for me is a place for a dialogue, so we have to ensure that we actually invite children to this discussion. As a Member of EC I would like to focus on two most important areas:
– quality by promoting good practices (as children deserve the best)
– accessibility (in terms of number of children participating in artistic events, focusing on those whose participation is limited)
What we offer to the smallest children in their first years is what they emotionally benefit from in their future life. I believe my contribution to EC can widen the visibility of the smallest spectators in the work of ASSITEJ International. I would also like to serve as a link between EC and Networks as their specific research is crucial for creating a theoretical background. I hope that my previous international experience in producing events, managing projects & being an artist can be beneficial to ASSITEJ International.


Profesor (UNIRIO; CNPq), director and researcher in TYA. PhD in Theatre, with a post-doctoral research at Université de Paris Ouest/Nanterre in 2014. Since 2002 I have been the director of the group Trupe de Truões – Uberlândia / Brazil, that won several awards at national festivals and has organized five editions of a TYA Seminar. I have many articles published and experience with editing councils at magazines and books organization. At ASSITEJ International, I have participated in Taboos Workshops (Venezuela, 2008; Cuba and Brazil, 2010); at the Director’s Seminar from ASSITEJ Germany (Mannheim, 2015) and represented Brazil at the two last ASSITEJ Congresses (Poland, 2014; South Africa, 2017). I am also Member of the Board of CBTIJ / ASSITEJ Brasil and in 2020 take part of the jury of CBTIJ TYA Award. I have taken part at the ITYARN board since 2018 and take part at the scientific committee at the 5th Int’l Theatre for Children and Young People Researchers and Critics Forum (Argentina, 2018) and at the ITYARN Seminar at the AAG in Kristiansand (2019). I represented CBTIJ / ASSITEJ Brasil at the BRICS Meeting at the 2018 Beijing AAG and at Cradle of Creativity (South Africa 2019).

Motivation of the Candidate

“Since 2008, when I had the first contact with ASSITEJ International, in the first taboo-themed workshop in Venezuela, I was able to realize the importance of organizations and networks in the field of TYA. I participated in several meetings with artists, researchers, educators and producers who are dedicated to TYA and who are committed to spreading and creating opportunities in the most diverse parts of the world. At CBTIJ / ASSITEJ Brasil we think that politically for Brazil at the moment, and also for our region, it is important to have a representation of the country at the Executive Committee, contributing to an even greater consolidation of the Iberoamerican TYA Network. Due to my professional experience in publications and organization of scientific events and considering the two opportunities I had to be part of an open EC meeting, I believe that my greatest contribution will be made in the Publications and Promotion working group, a group I was able to approach in URUGUAY (EC meeting, 2019) and AAG (Kristiansand, 2019). As a member of the ITYARN board, I will be able to act as an interlocutor between the EC and ITYARN, taking responsibility for the Network’s reports.”

Profile of the candidate

Due to my work at the University, since 2000, I have participated in several editorial boards and event organizing commissions, in addition to the organization of some books. Within ITYARN, I worked on scientific councils collaborating in the selection of texts for seminars held by the network. So, I have experience to work in the creation of ASSITEJ publications. Another possibility of contribution is due to my training as an architect and set designer, which allows me to collaborate in the planning and organization of the design of the Association’s publications and other materials. My experience in organizing events and as a researcher allows me to think about strategies for dialogue with the organizing commissions of the Association’s events, considering the possibilities of documentation and memory.

Selloane (Lalu) MOKUKU – ASSITEJ South Africa

I am an experienced theatre maker, storyteller, academic, writer, and performer. I have worked with/for young people internationally, through organizations such as UNICEF and Save the Children UK, including the build up to 2001 UN Special Session on Children that led to the children’s declaration with child participation.

I was a coordinator of an innovative School Support Programme, using the arts to teach Science, English and Mathematics, called ShakeXperience. I chaired the task force that produced the 2005 Lesotho National Cultural Policy. I currently facilitate teaching and learning at Rhodes University, focusing on theatre for social transformation. Research include Applied Drama/Theatre, Translanguaging; TYA. I co-produced an adaptation of Orwell’s Animal Farm, directed by Neil Coppen. During the 2017 ASSITEJ Congress, I had the privilege of interacting with international audiences and met Ginni Manning (UK). This led to co-writing a play, DIPALO, that subsequently won the 2019 ASSITEJ Africa Playwriting competition. I also directed Mosali Eo U ’Neileng Eena (Market theatre).

Motivation of the candidate

“Serving on the EC requires open-mindedness to “open doors” for the organization beyond one’s “backyard”. I am passionate about languages in the theatre. My beliefs embrace diversity, as captured in a case study I wrote for PHAKAMA: Making Participatory Performance.

In Africa, theatre is often an elite event. I want to open conversations that recognize diverse historical backgrounds and present multiple stories. We need engaging stories to strengthen the critical consciousness of children and young people. Young audiences must be exposed to intercultural collaborations that enable informed choices in varied contexts. Barack Obama’s lecture on Mandela said “young people are capable, when aroused, of bringing down the towers of oppression and raising banners of freedom”.

Reflecting on 2017/2019 Cradle of Creativity, I feel ASSITEJ is on the right track. I want to strengthen child participation in our work and see how young people’s experiences can inspire different aspects of theatre-making. I am keen on the UN’s commitment to child participation, including producing child-friendly versions of reports. Also, a longitudinal study on the impact of child participation in our programs.”

Profile of the candidate

I bring a strong sense of research and documentation that I believe will be beneficial for ASSITEJ projects. Specific skills include monitoring & evaluation, facilitation, writing/communication, and cultural policy knowledge. I am passionate about languages in the theatre. Moreover, I serve on the board of ASSITEJ SA (since 2015) and have seen how ASSITEJ work shifts paradigms for young people. I follow after the strides of current President, Yvette Hardie, our ASSITEJ SA Director. And I hope to continue to strengthen the presence of the Southern African region while using all my experience and abilities to serve ASSITEJ International. I believe ASSITEJ is a strategic avenue through which different disciplines can meet children, including all arts, education and business. Africa has an ambitious Agenda 2063 and it is through the work of ASSITEJ that a collective narrative, inspired by the experiences of the current generation, can be built.

Gonzalo MORENO – ASSITEJ Spain

I am a cultural manager with a degree in Art History. Specialized in project management, design and cultural communication.

My professional career has always been linked to management, especially to the world of books and publishing. I have worked in different fields of culture, from rights management entities, record companies, publishers, bookstores or different kind of festivals.

In 2015 I joined the ASSITEJ Spain team trying to provide impulse and enthusiasm to a project that I feel as necessary as exciting. Currently I am the manager and General secretary of ASSITEJ Spain, coordinating the different projects of the national centre and working groups.

Motivation of the candidate

“I am applying not only individually, but on behalf of the commitment of both ASSITEJ Spain board and members, convinced that it is necessary to work together and continue asking ourselves around the key role of performing arts for young audiences to improve our lives and the whole society

When I met ASSITEJ I discovered a world full of values and possibilities, I felt the importance of art for young people and the importance of defending it.

The exchange is, in my opinion, the main way of learning and the way through which we can progress, step by step, together. Being part of the EC I am sure that it will continue learning and I hope that allows me to contribute in a modest way to this journey.”

Profile of the candidate

As a result of attending the open EC meetings I have a better understanding of our colleagues’ work and I believe that we can especially contribute to Publications and Promotion area. The skills that are needed are part of the work that I have developed over the last years.

The last five years I have worked in a publishing house and developing the following functions:
• Digital Communication / Social Networks /
• Writing press releases and contact with journalist.
• Web design and graphic design of promotional materials (posters, advertisements, leaflets, catalogues)
• Commercial management

Since 2018 I am also the editor of ASSITEJ Spain publications, where we publish plays and essays by both Spanish and foreign authors, taking care of the content as well as the look and design.
I have skills also in graphic design and have worked as a production manager in a graphic design studio.
I am a freelance web designer and have created websites for different publishers, photographers, festivals, associations, …
As manager of ASSITEJ Spain I develop the projects of the association, fundraising, coordinating the work plan and engagement.


“I am a researcher of drama in education and TYA. I have been engaged with ASSITEJ for 15 years. Currently I am Secretary General of ASSITEJ Japan Centre.

I studied Japanese and English language education in B.Ed. program at Chiba University, Japan. I also studied drama in education for one year at University of Durham, England, with Japanese government scholarship.
I continued my study in M.Ed. program at Chiba University. I also studied art education for one year at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (OISE/UT), Canada, with Rotary Foundation scholarship.
I studied curriculum in Ph.D. program at OISE/UT, with Canadian government scholarship.

I taught English for one year in secondary school, and for five years at Reitaku University, Japan. I worked for various research projects conducted by National Institute for Educational Research, Japan.

I started my engagement with ASSITEJ as a volunteer interpreter for Mr. Fumie Naiki. I have attended all the ASSITEJ World Congress since 2005.
I translated several booklets and magazines of TYA published by ASSITEJ Japan Centre. I also coordinated ASSITEJ Asian Meeting in Tokyo in 2018.”

Motivation of the candidate

“I want to be involved in ASSITEJ as an EC member because I would like to pass the legacy of 2020 World Congress to next generation.

I have worked as an Assistant Congress Producer for 2020. I have learned many things through the preparation. I would like to share my knowledge and experiences with hosts of next ASSITEJ Artistic Gatherings and World Congress.

I also want to bring the voices of Japan and Asia to ASSITEJ community. It would be beneficial for international understanding and mutual friendship in ASSITEJ, and for development of TYA all over the world.”

Profile of the candidate

I think that my skills and interests will benefit the “Publications and Promotion” group in EC in its working plan.
I am a researcher of drama in education and TYA. Currently I have been coordinating ASSITEJ Magazine and ITYARN conference in 2020.
I am good at writing, reading, selecting and editing articles for publication. I am also good at organizing translations of articles where necessary. I believe that I could contribute to the management of all processes towards the creation of publications by ASSITEJ.


Ernie Nolan, Executive Artistic Director of Nashville Children’s Theatre, the oldest professional theatre for TYA in the United States, is an award winning, internationally recognized director and playwright.

He has directed and choreographed world premieres by such Tony-nominated artists as Willy and Rob Reale, Stephen Schwartz, Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens, and Bill Russell and Henry Krieger. In his tenure at NCT, he has commissioned world premieres from Idris Goodwin, Marisela Trevino Orta, Marcy Heisler, Zina Goldrich, Dave Deveau, Anton Lipovetsky, and Tim McDonald.

His playwrighting has been featured both nationally and internationally at such theatres as The Coterie, First Stage, Walnut Street, Orlando Rep, South Carolina Children’s Theatre, Bay Area Children’s Theatre, Oregon Children’s Theatre, Stage One,and Children’s Theatre of Charlotte. He has also received commissions from Adventure Theatre in Glen Echo, MD, La Jolla Playhouse in La Jolla, CA, The Milwaukee Zoological Society, and Circle Theatre in Omaha, NE in partnership with the Institute for Holocaust Education.

Motivation of the candidate

“When I ran for the EC, I shared that I thought it was my duty as an artist dedicated to the next generation of global citizens to show young people and my fellow artists that it’s not about building walls, it’s about building bridges. It’s about communicating and exchanging ideas with those that are similar to us as well as those who are very different. Over the past three years on the Executive Committee, I hope that I’ve shown what I set out to do. As a member of the projects group while leading Encounters at our three events, I’ve tried to build bridges of communication. I’ve also tried to use my talents and skills to help the organization as well as those that come in contact with it. Because of my love and appreciation of ASSITEJ, I would like to continue to give back. I would like to help create opportunities like the ones I experienced as an emerging artist. Serving for another term would be a way to give back and show my gratitude.”

Profile of the candidate

My fellow EC members can attest that I am a responsible worker, enthusiastic collaborator, and certainly ready, like the job description states, “to think outside my own backyard.” In addition to my skills used as a member of the projects group, I have helped with publications for TYA USA as well as fundraise for my own theatre. I am also interested in becoming Treasurer on the EC. I am ready to act where my skills are needed.


Birth 8/8/1988

Iranian artist (actress, theater teacher, voice actor, director) and a member of ASSITEJ Iran.

Bachelor of Arts in theater from Sooreh University, Tehran.
Have been working in the theater for thirteen years. Working as an actress in theater and movies. and have experience in directing, puppetry, voice acting, journalist etc.

Worked as Iran’s envoy in the International gatherings of Assitej in Poland, Germany, England, South Africa.

Have been awarded many times as best actress in national and International Theater festivals.

Has played in more than 20 theaters as an actress and took role in three movies.

Motivation of the candidate

I’ve been a part of ASSITEJ from 2014, Poland as a NG participant. That was the beginning point for understanding Assitej and next year I became the leader of new NG group in Berlin, 2015. In that year I also involved gatherings and seminars so I found Assitej very interesting and important. For the further years in Birmingham and South Africa I was also doing activities in NG network and I was Iran’s envoy in all these gatherings. China and Norway I couldn’t make it because of money issues. USA sanctions made our money very cheap…

I am from a very special country, country of poetry, with art big history but unfortunately under USA shadow and close to be attacked every minute. As an artist my goal is making a better world for children. A world with no war with equality.
Art in the language of theater can make a change. I’ve felt pressure, poverty, being threatened by all my heat so I will never let other children to feel it. My only weapon is art, is theater. I know many children are also living in the same situation as we do or maybe worth. I would like to make every children access theater. To prove myself an Iranian woman is as powerful as others from all over the world.

Profile of the candidate

My specific skills and interests are:

Fast learner,
Speaking English,
Respect all cultures,
Interested in traveling alot,
Can give speeches,
Well known and famous in my own country,
Well known in Assitej International,
Easy to communicate,
Hard working

Emilie ROBERT – Scènes d’enfance – ASSITEJ France

“I have been the director of a theatre in Marseille, in the South of France, for nearly seven years. It is called Théâtre Massalia and it is decidated to TYA.
I ‘m not an artist : I went to a business school but I decided that I would rather deal with art than business and since, I ‘ve been working in Arts and Culture. Most of the theaters in France are receiving houses (even if they support productions) and are directed by managers and I am one of them. But being focused on TYA is now a commitment and I am very passionate about it.
For three years now, I have been one the 3 co-presidents of Scènes d’enfance – ASSITEJ France and this new involvement is very dear to me, especially on the political and the international levels.
I am very found of international exchanges (another decication…) and projects and I want to involve us (the organisation) more in meetings and projects all over the world and especially in ASSITEJ actions. That is why I am very proud that Scènes d’enfance – ASSITEJ France chose me to apply to the Executive Committee”

Motivation of the Candidate

“I have been the director of a theatre in Marseille, in the South of France, for nearly seven years. It is called Théâtre Massalia and it is decidated to TYA.
I ‘m not an artist : I went to a business school but I decided that I would rather deal with art than business and since, I ‘ve been working in Arts and Culture. Most of the theaters in France are receiving houses (even if they support productions) and are directed by managers and I am one of them. But being focused on TYA is now a commitment and I am very passionate about it.
For three years now, I have been one the 3 co-presidents of Scènes d’enfance – ASSITEJ France and this new involvement is very dear to me, especially on the political and the international levels.
I am very found of international exchanges (another decication…) and projects and I want to involve us (the organisation) more in meetings and projects all over the world and especially in ASSITEJ actions. That is why I am very proud that Scènes d’enfance – ASSITEJ France chose me to apply to the Executive Committee”

Profile of the candidate

I would like very much to join the Projects and Programms group. I have strong project management skills and a lot of experience in it, as I have been production manager, financial manager and as a director. I have administrative skills too, also on the European level.
I am used to facilitate work and projects, through team daily building but in projects and collaborations as well. And I like it a lot. I am also very interested in online projects.

Bebê de SOARES – TeVeo ASSITEJ Chile

In 1994, after a successful international career in dance, Bebê de Soares started to work as an actress, director and producer, co-founding T4G – Teatro 4Garoupas with the Austrian director Arno Kleinofen in Cologne, Germany. Their collaboration was awarded and critically acclaimed in Brazil and in Germany.

In 2002 she created AMAZONAS NETWORK- office for cultural exchange creating projects that promote international exchange in the field of theater for young audiences and dance.
It is also an international management platform for selected companies in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Denmark.

Since 2017 she has been a member of the Executive Committee of ASSITEJ International as well as International Coordinator of Te Veo Assitej Chile, co-producer and program director of FITA CHILE, the biennial Ibero-American showcase for children and young audiences.

In 2018 she became a board member of IPAY – International Performing Arts for Young Audiences in the US.

She is co-curator of the MOSTRA ESPETACULAR! in Curitiba, Brazil.

In February 2019 she moved back to Cologne, Germany after 8 years in Santiago, Chile.

Motivation of the candidate

“My name is Bebê de Soares. I am an actor, director, and creative producer from Brazil. In 2019 I returned to Germany after eight years in Chile.

It is an honour to me to go on representing TeVeo Assitej Chile internationally and on the Executive Committee of Assitej. As a Latin American I am passionate about making sure that Chile and other Ibero American countries are represented in and active within ASSITEJ. I am also deeply engaged in the region through FITA Chile and Amazonas Network.

I believe in the absolute necessity to connect TYA internationally and to further work on the EC would resonate with my commitment to look for places for our Latin American voice and our culture. I am deeply convinced of the importance of bringing our point of view to the EC table. I hope to contribute to the EC through my knowledge and long experience in international arts management and cultural policies as well as my expertise on Latin American TYA.
I believe in our shared vision that we will be able to bring an ASSITEJ event to Latin America. Being in the EC for the next 3 years is an opportunity I look forward to with enthusiasm!

Profile of the candidate

– Cultural policy – I have worked in the past 15 years researching international cultural policies abroad to bring work to Brazil and Chile. I have worked as international advisor for Paideia Festival, Espetacular!, Famfest, Fitich.
– Arts management – I offer a deep knowledge of international cultural exchange in TYA, both from the perspective of the organiser/director of festivals and from the perspective of artists. Due to my work as an agent I have knowledge of the South and North American markets besides having organized numerous tours and projects in China, Japan and South Korea.
– Communication skills – I regularly present keynotes, participate in discussions and seminars, write articles about international exchange in TYA. My mother language is Portuguese and I speak fluently, read and write in English, German, French and Spanish. This is highly helpful for the understanding and comunication when doing international, intercultural work, also translating.
– Funding – I have researched and connected with professionals involved in institutional funding with a focus on international mobility. I have experience detecting opportunities and creating international projects.

Pamela UDOKA – ASSITEJ Nigeria

Pamela, is Artistic Director, Children’s Arts Development Initiative, Pioneer Coordinator of the National Troupe of Nigeria Children’s Theatre Workshop and has risen to Deputy Director Technical and Production Services in same organization. She has been at the forefront of children’s theatre practice in Nigeria since 1991 and is President, ASSITEJ Nigeria. Producer, Director, published playwright, researcher, writer and Clinical Psychologist. She was elected into the ASSITEJ EC in 2017.

She has presented papers and led plenary sessions at ITYARN conferences and other international conferences.

She holds the Certifications in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Theatre Arts, and a is at the present, a PhD student of Clinical Psychology. Pamela is a member of the National Association of Nigerian Theatre Arts Practitioners the Nigerian Psychological Association and the Nigerian Association of Clinical Psychologists.

She is married to the world renowned Poet, Dance Teacher and Choreographer Dr. Arnold Udoka and both are blessed with absolutely adorable children.

Motivation of the candidate

“I seek reelection into the Executive Committee of ASSITEJ International. The past 3 years of my being a member of the EC has enabled me to create more awareness for the practice of theatre for children and young audiences and pull in more Nigerians into ASSITEJ Nigeria. Despite being a very large country with a very high population, TYA is growing in Nigeria. Yvette Hardie the ASSITEJ International President and Manon van de Water the ITYARN Chair, attended our first ever ANT Festival (ASSITEJ Nigeria Festival) held in 2018. They did not only attend the festival, they also held workshops and meetings with members. With the entry of ASSITEJ International into the Nigerian landscape, the mantra has changed. Nigerian Artistes are embracing and benefiting from collaborations and networking within Nigeria, the region and with other countries outside Africa. A growing number of our members also have festivals both local and international. The Nigerian landscape in relation to TYA, is expanding. My seeking re-election into the ASSITEJ EC, is to consolidate the position and situation in Nigeria, and also to enable me spread same to a few other African countries.”

Profile of the candidate

I have been part of the EC project working group for the past 3 years and have been involved in the planning and execution of all activities of this working group. Despite being self funded, I make efforts to be at all physical meetings of the EC so as to be part of the process and execution of be it the dramaturgy, Next Generation placements. During these times, I bring my project management skills, administrative, facilitation and communication skills to bear.


Louis Valente Sørensen is the current Secretary General of ASSITEJ (elected at the 19th ASSITEJ World Congress in 2017). He is also the Executive Director of ASSITEJ Denmark and has been involved in the office of ASSITEJ Denmark since 2013.

The educational background consists of a masters’ degree in philosophy and cultural encounters. He is raised in the world of TYA and has been involved as actor, translator and tour manager before entering ASSITEJ. Louis is married to a Cuban actress with whom he has two children. He speaks, reads and writes – besides his Danish mother tongue – Spanish and English.

Motivation of the candidate

“Theatre for young audiences is something special, magic, beautiful, and important for children and the societies that they inhabit and constitute. I think all members of ASSITEJ agree on this; that is what holds us together. ASSITEJ is the central motor for the continued existence and development of TYA. This is why ASSITEJ is important and why I wish to stand as Secretary General for another term.

ASSITEJ is also a wonderful MEMBERSHIP association. The collective ownership and engagement is unique and very inspiring. The passion for what we do and the understanding that when we work together we can do more is something that is I wish to be part of and make flourish.”

Profile of the Candidate

The workload and pace of ASSITEJ is high and demanding and has given me administrative and leadership skills and experience that I will bring into the next three years. The Secretary General and the President are the only two persons in ASSITEJ that are in touch with all areas of work. Yvette Hardie is after nine years as president stepping down. A central reason why I stand again is therefor to secure continuity and institutional memory. I strive to be diplomatic and calm and to bind the very different persons, national and regional contexts and organizational structures that are in ASSITEJ together. In communication with members and in the realization of ASSITEJ activities I seek to listen and finds ways where the cooperation can be most productive always respecting the central elements in our constitution and philosophy.
I aim to stimulate the development of the network by continuously including new people in ASSITEJ and bridging between people who can benefit from cooperation.

I speak Spanish and have a strong understanding of Latin America. This ensure better communication with members from one of the language groups in ASSITEJ that struggle to follow ASSITEJ as an English-speaking association.
ASSITEJ has a lot of potentials. I hope to be able to pursue these potentials together with the new EC to make ASSITEJ and TYA grow.