Friends of ASSITEJ is an opportunity for members (individuals, companies, national centres, networks etc.) and supporters to contribute to building the next generation of Theatre for Young Audiences practitioners, by contributing on a once-off or annual basis to the ASSITEJ Next Generation Programme. This programme allows an emerging artist to access an international exchange and development activity such as participation in a festival, seminar, forum, workshop or other project in another country. Support offered by the Friends will contribute towards travel costs for participants.

ASSITEJ has pledged 1500 USD (3 x 500 USD) partial sponsorships to be used for supporting this programme in 2019, and any additional funds raised through Friends of ASSITEJ will be used to increase the number of partial sponsorships available to those who apply.

In the future, the EC will determine the level of sponsorship that can be applied to this programme from their budget, but Friends of ASSITEJ will supplement this budget to ensure that more emerging artists have access to international exchange and professional development.


Levels of Friends of ASSITEJ

There are currently three levels of giving in Friends of ASSITEJ: Bronze, Silver and Gold. We propose including a Platinum level of giving, and rebranding what these levels imply.

BronceBronze level:100 USD; Partial placement
PlataSilver level: 250 USD; Half placement
OroGold level: 500 USD; Full placement
Platinum level: 500 USD over three years or 1500 USD; 3 placements

Acknowledgement of Friends of ASSITEJ

All Friends of ASSITEJ will be publicly acknowledged and thanked as part of the Awards Ceremony at the World Congress, where they will be announced and will receive their specially designed pin and a certificate of appreciation, signed by Next Generation participants and the President of ASSITEJ, if they are in attendance.

At each International Meeting, there will be an opportunity after the first meeting of the Next Generation placement programme, for Friends of ASSITEJ to meet with the new Next Generation participants, and with others who have been on individual placements over the course of the year. This will give Next Generation participants an opportunity to meet those who have been interested in sponsoring the programme, to meet others who have benefitted from individual placements, and for networking and supportive relationships to be created, should these be desirable for either the Friends of ASSITEJ or the Next Generation participants.

All Gold and Platinum Friends of ASSITEJ will be recognised as a sponsor of the Next Generation Programme as a listing on the website (ongoing) and in the annual magazine, if they so choose.

Should persons giving at the Bronze or Silver level, choose to do so over several years, once they reach the Gold level of giving, their status will be upgraded to Gold, and they will then be acknowledged in the ongoing list of sponsors on the website, and in the annual magazine for that year.

Friends of ASSITEJ may remain anonymous should they so desire, and are under no obligation to attend the above-mentioned events.

Friends of ASSITEJ will also be sent reports by the Next Generation on the success of the projects or experiences they have enjoyed during the period of giving.

Hosts of Individual Placements for Next Generation will also be obliged to acknowledge the Friends of ASSITEJ in some way – through the media, or through a public event during their activity.

Legacy of Friends of ASSITEJ

We are deeply grateful for the generous support of these Friends of ASSITEJ.


OroGOLD (life – 500 USD)



Nat Eek Obituary

Ann Marie Shaw Obituary

Plata     SILVER (for 3 years – 250 USD)


– Sue Giles

– Sameer Khoury

Bronce     BRONZE (1 year – 100 USD)