ASSITEJ invites all members to take part in the General Assembly, during the 20th ASSITEJ World Congress in Tokyo, Japan.

On this page, you will find information on the following items:


Attending the General Assembly


National Centres, ASSITEJ Networks and individual members are invited to attend the General Assembly with a delegation of up to three persons. Full members are strongly encouraged to participate with three persons whenever possible.

Additional members of the National Centres and Networks can participate as observers.

National Centres and ASSITEJ Networks with full membership have the right to make proposals at the General Assembly, to present a candidate for the Executive Committee, to make bids for ASSITEJ Artistic Gatherings and the ASSITEJ World Congress and to vote with three votes.

National Centres and ASSITEJ Networks with corresponding membership have the right to make proposals at the General Assembly and to vote with one vote. Corresponding members do not have the right to be elected to the Executive Committee.

Individual members have the right to attend and give proposals at the General Assembly but do not have the right to vote or to be elected to the Executive Committee.

Voting by proxy is permitted. A centre or network wishing to transfer its proxy must do so in writing.
A delegation from a national centre or a network can hold proxy for only one other member (whether national centre or network).
full member (whether national centre or network) can hold proxy for any full or corresponding member (whether national centre or network).
corresponding member (whether national centre or network) can hold proxy only for another corresponding member (whether national centre or network)

All members can receive a letter of invitation/letter of support by writing to Louis Valente:

Make sure that you are up to date with your fee payments including the year of the General Assembly so you can exercise your right to vote.
According to the constitution, members who have not paid fees for the year in which the General Assembly is meeting, lose the right to vote in the General Assembly.
To check your membership status please contact the Treasurer and the Secretary General and make sure that all your obligations are met.

The invoices for fees for 2020 will be sent to you in January by our Treasurer Roberto Frabetti, and the deadline will be April 30th. If your only possibility for payment is a cash payment for Tokyo, then please submit a request in writing to the Treasurer and Secretary General.

Executive Committee


The Executive Committee of ASSITEJ (EC) consists of up to 15 members. For a candidate to be elected they need to attract a minimum of 50% of votes cast. The members of the EC are elected to represent their country, region or network but first and foremost to work for the global association. The deadline to submit candidacies is February 18th.

The EC has 2-3 meetings annually (including Artistic Gatherings and Congress) and is also expected to work between the meetings.

Please read more about the conditions and expectations of EC members in our job description document.

Submit your candidacy here

All full members have the right to propose one candidate for the Executive Committee including the ASSITEJ Networks.

According to the constitution the number of network positions in the Executive Committee cannot exceed the number calculated as a proportional number of network members voting as opposed to national centre members voting. Given the current membership this means that there is one network membership candidate available.

All full members can also propose candidates for the positions of President and Secretary-General.
President Yvette Hardie will not stand for the position again.
Secretary-General Louis Valente is planning to stand.
Please contact the Secretary-General for more information if you are considering candidacies for either of these positions:

From amongst the members of the Executive Committee, the General Assembly shall elect the Treasurer, who shall be nominated in a meeting of the new Executive Committee. The current treasurer, Roberto Frabetti, is not continuing. Please read more about the treasurer position in the job description for EC members and note that because the seat of the Association is in Bologna the treasurer will need to acquaint themselves with Italian law. An Italian accountant will be nominated to assist with this position.

Artistic Gatherings & World Congresses


Every year ASSITEJ holds an ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering or a World Congress. These global ASSITEJ events are hosted and organised by a member of ASSITEJ and are voted upon by the General Assembly on the basis of bids from the members.

For the General Assembly in Tokyo, ASSITEJ calls for bids for the 21st ASSITEJ World Congress in 2023 and ASSITEJ Artistic Gatherings in 2021, 2022 and 2024 (bids for 2024 will be opened again in 2023 if no hosts are selected by the General Assembly in Tokyo).


Submit your bids here

Information about hosting the World Congress or the Artistic Gathering can be found in the ASSITEJ Policies & Protocols Handbook on our website. Reports from previous World Congresses and Artistic Gatherings can also be found here on the website.

If you consider hosting an Artistic Gathering or the World Congress, please contact the Secretariat to start a dialogue about what it means to host one of these events and how to prepare a bid:

Constitutional changes & Agenda


The General Assembly has final control over the Constitution, and decides on any changes or amendments. Any member wishing to amend the Constitution must give notice in writing to the Secretary General, no later than 18 February.

Any decision to amend the Constitution require a two-thirds majority at the General Assembly.

The Executive Committee also welcomes other proposals, for example for the working plan of the next term 2020-2023.

Submit proposals & amendments

The deadline for all bids, candidacies and constitutional amendments is 18 February 2020