Professional networks bring together theatre companies, organisations or persons across cultural, linguistic, national and other divides, because of a shared interest or need related to the field of theatre for children and young people. In professional networks, membership is often specific to a particular area of specialisation in the field.

Professional networks may include, for example, networks of actors, directors, scenographers, playwrights, researchers or arts critics in theatre for children and young people. Networks may also grow up around a theme or idea, for example, dance theatre for young audience, theatre for the early years, inclusive theatre across all abilities, theatre in schools. ASSITEJ actively encourages the formation of artistic networks to support activities in the field of theatre for children and young people.

Professional development | Next Generation

The Next Generation Network is an informal network and framework for young and emerging artists to continue to build on their experiences of participation in the NG Programme. The aim is strengthen the opportunities for international exchange and collaboration and to build new opportunities which supports developments for Young and Emerging initiates world wide. Network activity will be shared at ASSITEJ Gatherings and through online platforms.

Next Generation

ASSITEJ is committed to engaging young and emerging artists and professional theatremakers from all over the world interested in TYA.

The Next Generation Program is an exciting and pioneering ASSITEJ initiative specially designed to welcome new faces to ASSITEJ and support young artists in developing their practice and in fostering international relationships.

Through the Next Generation Program, ASSITEJ offers placements and residency programs designed to create new opportunities for learning and to enable international exchange and collaboration between younger artists.

Next Generation Residencies

This is a project designed to support artistic and cultural networking, exchange and collaboration between artists within festivals and other international settings through a special program for a group.

The first Next Generation group met in Adelaide, Australia, during the 16th.ASSITEJ Congress. Since then there have been Next Generation Residencies in Okinawa, Japan (2012) during the 1st. ASSITEJ International Meeting within Kijimuna Festa, Linz, Austria (2013) during the 2nd.ASSITEJ International Meeting within the Schäxpir Festival.  In 2014 a new group of 25 participants met in Warsaw, Poland, during the 18th. ASSITEJ Congress at the Korzak Festival. A group of 38 artists from ‘developing countries’ have been brought together for Augenblick-mal, the 2015 ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering.

Next Generation Placements

ASSITEJ supports Next Generation Placements to provide younger theatre artists, producers and administrators with individual opportunities for international mobility within the field of Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) and in order to encourage contact and exchange between experienced and emerging artists.

Young people with an interest for and/or experience in TYA will have the opportunity to share experiences, learn and work with artists in other countries within the framework of different projects such as festivals, seminars, workshops, forums, productions, etc.

Any person related to TYA between 18 and 35 years old may apply for a placement through this program, and may apply to ASSITEJ for limited financial support.

Why Placements?

About the placements offers

The temporary placements may be offered by companies, centres, networks, festivals or associations and may include participation in festivals, seminars, forums, workshops, productions or any other project within the field of TYA. They will allow younger and emerging artists to have experience in acting, directing, production, playwriting, design, administration, or any TYA related tasks in an international context.

The length and other conditions of the placement may vary.  The placement may or may not include an offer for accommodation, financial support or meals. Each placement offer may be for one or more people. Each offer should be made with a detailed description of the activities involved and other conditions. A contact person should be mentioned in the offer.

The offer for placements should be endorsed by an ASSITEJ Member (National Center, Network or Individual Member)

Offers are accepted throughout the whole year

Click here to make a placement offer

A list of all offers will be distributed via email to ASSITEJ members in order to assist those who do not check the website regularly.

The role of ASSITEJ in the Next Generation placements

ASSITEJ has the duty to promote the Next Generation Placements by looking for and encouraging new offers, distributing this information among members, publishing the offers on its website and being the contact between offer-makers and applicants when needed.

ASSITEJ will not take any decision about the selection of the applicants nor the condition of the placements. ASSITEJ will only mediate the applications.

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Playwriting | WLPG

Write Local. Play Global

is a place populated by…YOU

It’s an online meeting place for people interested in work written for young audiences. Think of it as a virtual café where you can read about, make contact and catch up with people from around the world. You can find out about exciting new work, how writers approach their craft and about organizations that support and develop the work of writers.It’s a community that wants to hear from you when:

  • you see a great new play
  • you have a new work premiering or touring
  • you want to discuss an issue or ask a question about writing for young audiences
  • you or a colleague wins an award for writing (hey, everyone needs applause)
  • there’s an event happening anywhere in the world supporting writers for young audiences
  • you want to share information from your country or region about TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) playwrights, and organisations and events supporting and developing their work.

  See WLPG Website

Early Childhood | Small size

Small size

Small size, the European Network for the diffusion of performing arts aimed at early childhood (0-6), provides a structure through which to meet, share expertise and exchange knowledge; to develop collaborative projects and disseminateinformation and research.
Through its networking, Small Size aims to promote an awareness of the significance of performing arts for early childhood with objectives that include increasing children’s creative potential along with the comparison of different European cultural traditions.
In addition, it aims to give value to projects and events that support the development of training and educational programmes for early years educators and artists, and for producers and artists creating productions for the early childhood audiences through widening opportunities for research and collaboration.

More details on:
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Research | ITYARN

International Theatre for Young Audiences Research Network

ITYARN, the International Theatre for Young Audiences Research Network, is the international research network of ASSITEJ International.

Mission: ITYARN aims to further research in theatre and performance for children and youth, through international exchanges of scholarly materials and discourse at conferences, symposia, and festivals.  We believe that scholarly intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange, as well as a continued dialogue between researchers and practitioners, will contribute to a better understanding of the impact of theory on practice and practice on theory from multiple perspectives. Through the dissemination of international publications, peer reviewed and edited, ITYARN contributes to culture and knowledge by providing new insights and perspectives on the history, theory, practice, and perception of theatre and performance for children and youth, from theatre for babies to theatre for young adults.

ITYARN is an inclusive network, with no membership fees.


More details on:

Inclusivity | IIAN


The International Inclusive Arts Network, is an online community for people who are interested in creating, learning or programming inclusive work for young audiences. We’re here to shine a light on this area of excellence and we encourage people to share their thoughts, views and, most importantly, their work under the expansive umbrella of Inclusive Arts for young people.

We want to ensure that the views of inclusion are represented from all ASSITEJ Centres around the world and in order to do this, we have created a new ‘National Champions’ Programme. We are asking each ASSITEJ country to put forward one named representative to IIAN. This can be an individual or a company, but someone who will be the main point of contact to ensure inclusion is on every national agenda. To find out more, visit this page!

The network is managed by a core group of artists and companies from around the world. The best way to get in touch is to drop us an email on:

We are here to:

  • Inspire future artists
  • Reach larger audiences
  • Promote international connections
  • Be more ambitious
  • Provide a data base of companies across the globe working inclusively

The International Inclusive Arts Network wants to hear from you when:

  • You want to discuss an issue or ask a question about inclusive theatre for young audiences
  • You are producing a new inclusive work
  • You see an inspiring new inclusive theatre show premiering or touring
  • Artists winning awards or recognition for work in this area
  • There’s an event happening anywhere in the world with a focus on Inclusive Arts
  • You want to share information from your country or region about events supporting and developing Inclusive Arts
  • You have the time and energy to help the network grow

We will share information and the latest news opportunities for artists within TYA, and profile events, organizations and people.

So, if you value Inclusive Arts, please join us. You can participate through Facebook, submit blogs, or send information via email at

Drop by regularly and check out what’s happening – and let us know what’s happening in your part of the world.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Very best wishes, the IIAN team


More details :

The Young Dance Network - A Global Network for Exchange


ASSITEJ is interested in supporting the multiple languages of dance and physicality, and their potential to cross the narrow linguistic borders that can separate us. We are interested in promoting dance as both a permanent form of cultural expression which embodies particular traditions, histories and contexts, and as a contemporary tool with which people are able to connect with one another from whatever position they may occupy in the world. We are interested to support and to engage in the significant artistic development within contemporary dance for children and young audiences which has blossomed across Europe and in other parts of the world. We feel that even in places where the contemporary dance scene is vibrant, artistic work for young audiences specifically, has not yet received appropriate attention.



The Young Dance Network aspires to create a space for long-term networking and development which in time would provide choreographers, dancers and dramaturges working across the field with a strong platform from which they can work, develop and energize the field of contemporary dance for young audiences. It will hope to develop strong bonds between artists, recruiting new interested parties, finding through exploration of common points of interest, new inspirations and possible collaborative projects and exchanges.


An aim of the network will be to enhance methods for sharing competencies regarding dance for young audiences. The art of dancing is passed on from person to person. Through a process of learning from each other, each person acquires experiences that enable them to develop specific skills and competences. In order to learn more and to share these specificities, environments are needed in which to expose practices and ideas.


By means of organizing short individual or group residencies/meetings at ASSITEJ events (or where possible, within independently set up workshops), the network members aim to provide environments where dance practitioners will have time to reflect and practice side by side. This may also be a space where artists working for adults may learn about dance for young audiences and have the opportunity to explore creating work for these important audiences.


This network will encourage artists to reach beyond their specific geo-political identities and to strive for mutual exchange of experience within creative processes, inspiring each other through exploring similarities and differences. Cultural diversity will be approached as a resource for learning from each other.


It is intended that the network will associate with ASSITEJ as a full member, thus benefitting from the international networking which already exists, and using ASSITEJ events and projects as platforms for exchange. As a network it may independently generate projects and activities, in its own right, as is the case with Small Size (Network for Early Years Theatre), ITYARN and other network members of ASSITEJ.


The official launch of the network took place on the 24th of May 2017, Cape Town as part of a day focusing on Dance Theatre for Young Audiences.
Until the network is formally constituted, and the members decide on a constitution and format for the network, membership of the network will be free.

You can contact Gabi dan Droste to express your interest in taking part.