ASSITEJ supports Next Generation Placements to provide younger theatre artists, producers and administrators with an individual opportunity for international mobility within the field of Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) and in order to encourage contact and exchange between experienced and emerging artists.

Young people with an interest for and/or experience in TYA will have the opportunity to learn and work with artists in a country different to their own, within the framework of a placement provided by a host, This could include a festival, seminar, workshop, forum, production, etc.

Any person related to TYA between 18 and 35 years old may apply for a placement through this program, and may apply to ASSITEJ for limited financial support.

The placements programme is an ongoing programme in which temporary placements may be offered by companies, centres, networks, festivals or associations and may include participation in festivals, seminars, forums, workshops, productions or any other project within the field of TYA. They will allow younger and emerging artists to have experience in acting, directing, production, playwriting, design, administration, or any TYA related tasks in an international context.

The length and other conditions of the placement may vary.  The placement may or may not include an offer for accommodation, financial support or meals. Each placement offer may be for one or more people. Each offer should be made with a detailed description of the activities involved and other conditions. A contact person should be mentioned in the offer.

The offer for placements may be members of ASSITEJ or endorsed by a National Centre.

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To make an offer:

These temporary placements can be offered by companies, centres or associations. You have complete freedom in creating your unique offer in accordance with your needs and possibilities. The length and conditions of the placement can vary: they might but do not have to include an offer to cover travel costs, accommodation, financial support or meals, and can be offered for one person or more. Placements can be offered by filling out the online Placements Offers form.

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A list of all offers will be distributed via email to ASSITEJ members in order to assist those who do not check the website regularly.

ASSITEJ has the duty to promote the Next Generation Placements by looking for and encouraging new offers, distributing this information among members, and publishing the offers on its website and collecting the applications.

ASSITEJ will not take any decision about the selection of the applicants nor the condition of the placements. ASSITEJ will only mediate the applications.