The Next Generation Residency is a professional development group programme designed to support artistic and cultural networking, exchange and collaboration between young and emerging artists, within festivals and other international settings.

The first Next Generation group met in Adelaide, Australia, during the 16th ASSITEJ Congress. Since then there have been ASSITEJ Next Generation Residencies in Okinawa, Japan (2012) during the 1st ASSITEJ International Meeting within Kijimuna Festa, Linz, Austria (2013) during the 2nd ASSITEJ International Meeting within the Schäxpir Festival. In 2014 a new group of 25 participants met in Warsaw, Poland, during the 18th ASSITEJ Congress at the Korzak Festival. A group of 38 artists from ‘developing countries’ have been brought together for Augenblick-mal, the 2015 ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering.

In July 2016, during the framework of the On The Edge Festival, the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering took place in Birmingham. This time, the Next Generation Residency had 23 participants from around the world.

There have also been successful NG Residencies during ASSITEJ gatherings in Cape Town (South Africa, 2017) and Beijing (China, 2018). ASSITEJ Serbia and ASSITEJ Pakistan have also hosted Next Generation programmes on their own initiative.

The upcoming Next Generation Residency will take place during the Artistic Gathering 2019 in Kristiansand.